What are the Prohibited and Allowed Items during Sail Boston?
Due to federal, state, and city public safety plans, there are a number of items that are strictly prohibited. Please view the Prohibited Items page for more information.

What days will the Prohibited Items be enforced?
Prohibited Items will be strictly enforced during the week of Sail Boston at Sail Boston venues.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed?

What restrictions are placed on spectator vessels?
Please view the Spectator Anchorages page.

Will there be bag storage?
There is absolutely no bag storage at any location. Please pay close attention to the Prohibited Items list as there are no exceptions. Patrons must comply or they will not be granted access to the viewing areas. There will not be a discard area for those items not allowed.

What time will the security check points be open?
Screening areas will be open at 7:00 AM on June 17 and during open pier hours.

Are you allowed to re-enter after going through a security check point?
Patrons are allowed to leave the secured area, however, must repeat the screening process each time they re-enter.

Getting Here

What is the best method to get into the Sail Boston festivities?
Sail Boston encourages guests attending the event not to drive into the city. There will be limited parking and heavy traffic throughout the weekend. There will also be road closures/restricted travel in the Seaport District, Charlestown and South Boston from 12:01 AM – 4:00 PM on Saturday, June 17. To view the road closures visit our Street Impact page.

The Sail Boston Express provides a direct, luxury motorcoach connection to Sail Boston from several area Park & Rides throughout New England June 17 – 21, 2017. Click here for more information.

What locations does the Sail Boston Express service?

  • Woburn (Anderson Regional Transportation Center Park & Ride)
  • Newton (Riverside MBTA Station Park & Ride)
  • Quincy/Adams will provide service to the Seaport District
  • Salem, NH / Methuen, MA / Andover, MA – Park & Ride
  • Hyannis, MA (connecting to Hy-Line Ferry service from Nantucket)
  • Plymouth, MA/ Rockland, MA – Park & Ride
  • New Bedford, MA / Taunton, MA / West Bridgewater, MA – Park & Ride
  • Worcester, MA / Framingham, MA – Park & Ride
  • Nashua, NH / Tyngsborough, MA – Park & Ride

Where does the Sail Boston Express pick up and drop off?
On Saturday, June 17 all Sail Boston Express motorcoaches will drop off at Castle Island with the exception of rides coming from Woburn, MA (Anderson Regional Transportation Center Park & Ride) & Newton, MA (Riverside MBTA Station Park & Ride). Motorcoaches from Woburn & Newton will drop off in the Seaport District. Motorcoaches from Quincy/Adams will stop at both the Seaport District and Castle Island on this day.

On June 18 – 21, the Sail Boston Express will drop off only in the Seaport District at Seaport Blvd and Boston Wharf Road.

Will the MBTA be running?
Yes, the MBTA will be providing peak service on Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18 as well as commuter rail service.

Will there be additional MBTA Service?
The MBTA will run a shuttle service on June 17 – 21 from Sullivan Square station to Charlestown Navy Yard, and on June 17 from JFK/UMass station to Castle Island.

How do I get a Sail Boston MBTA Pass?
Visit for more information.

How do I get from the Seaport District to the Charlestown Navy Yard?
The Sail Boston Cross Harbor Ferry is an easy – and breezy – way to get between Tall Ship sites across the Harbor. This is a direct service between Pier 4 – South Boston and Pier 1 – Charlestown Navy Yard and will run June 18 – 21. Once you have viewed the vessels in the Charlestown Navy Yard hop aboard this Ferry and in under a half an hour you’ll be staring at a whole new set of sails in the Seaport – or vice versa. Visit for more information or to book your ticket today!

Will there be parking?
Parking will be limited June 17 – 21. Due to restricted travel, security screening and road closures on June 17 some lots nearest the viewing areas will not be accessible. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Limited parking can be pre-purchased at participating SP+ area parking lots. Visit to book in advance.

To reserve a parking spot for Sail Boston with SpotHero, visit the Sail Boston SpotHero Parking Page and book a spot with rates up to 50% off drive-up. Download the SpotHero app and enter promo code SAILBOSTON for an extra $5 off your first park!

What roads will be closed and when?
Please view the Street Impact maps for road closures. The street impact and road closures will occur from 12:01 AM – 4:00 PM on Saturday, June 17 and from 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Sunday, June 18.

Is there handicapped parking available?
Please view the Street Impact maps. There are icons indicating handicapped parking on June 17.

On June 18 – 21 handicapped parking will return to all spots noted by the City of Boston nearest the event site you are visiting.

Where will rideshare be able to pick up/drop off?
Due to restricted travel, security screening and road closures on June 17, from 12:01 AM – 4:00 PM (June 18, from 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM) all rideshare vehicles will be designated to the areas indicated on the Street Impact maps.

Seaport District: Rideshares will be dropping off and picking up on Seaport Blvd just beyond Sleeper Street, facing Southeast.

Castle Island: Rideshares will be dropping off and picking up on Day Blvd just beyond the intersection of Farragut Road up to East Broadway.


How many ships are coming?
There will be 55 ships participating in Sail Boston. Visit the Participating Ships page for more information.

Where will the ships be berthed?
There will be ships at the Boston Fish Pier, World Trade Center Pier, Fan Pier, Rowe’s Wharf and Charlestown Navy Yard.

Is there a cost to board the ships?
There is no cost to board and view the Tall Ships during visiting hours.

What days/times will there be access to the ships?
The Pier Hours for Sail Boston are:
Saturday, June 17 | 4:00 – 10:00 PM
Sunday, June 18 – Wednesday, June 21 | 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM*

*Boston Fish Pier:
Sunday, June 18 | 12:00 – 10:00 PM
Monday, June 19 – Wednesday, June 21 | 4:00 – 10:00 PM

Hours may vary at each Captain’s discretion.

Will there be security screenings to get onto the ships?
Yes, there will be stadium style security screenings to gain access to festival spaces.

What if it rains?
The event is rain or shine. Please prepare for the weather by bringing sunscreen, rain jackets and/or umbrellas. There will be a lot of walking involved, so comfortable, flat shoes are recommended. Please see the list of Prohibited Items to ensure you are allowed access with your belongings. There will not be a storage area for those items not allowed.

Are the ships handicapped accessible?
The ships are not equipped for hanidcapped access, however the piers will be handicapped acccessible.

Will Crew be on board the ships during viewing hours?
There will be an opportunity to interact with crew members during your visit aboard the ships.

Will there be restrictions for private boats in the Harbor June 18 – 22?
Please see the Spectator Vessel Movement map for more information.

Will the ships travel through the Cape Cod Canal?
Sail Boston does not have a schedule of if/when the ships will transit the canal. Click here or you can download the free YB Races app to follow the fleet. Search for “YB Races” in the app store.

Are pets allowed at Sail Boston?
Pets are not allowed at the Sail Boston festivities (excluding certified service animals).

Can I bring a drone?
Drones are never allowed during the Sail Boston Festivities. Failure to comply is punishable by law as the event site is within 5 miles of an International Airport.

Can I bring a stroller?
Strollers are allowed on the piers and festival sites. Strollers are not allowed on the ships, but there will be space on the piers for strollers.

Can I bring a selfie stick?
Yes! Share your story with #SailBoston and #RDV2017.

Will there be fireworks?
There will be no fireworks during Sail Boston.

Where is the Lost & Found located?
Sail Boston is not responsible for lost items.

Where can I buy Sail Boston merchandise?
Merchandise can be purchased at locations including Castle Island, Fish Pier, World Trade Center and Fan Pier. On Parade of Sail Day, merchandise can be found additionally at Charlestown and Piers Park. Click here to purchase online.

How can I volunteer for Sail Boston?
Please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

How should members of the Media apply for Press Credentials?
Please fill out the Press Credential Application form.

How can I become a sponsor of Sail Boston?
For a sponsor package or more information, please contact 617-439-7700 or

Parade of Sail

What is the Parade of Sail?
The Grand Parade of Sail will highlight the day’s activities as vessels parade in flotillas from Broad Sound into the main channel of Boston Harbor turning at Charlestown, before proceeding to their assigned berthing areas. Public viewing of the Parade will be spectacular from Castle Island, the Seaport District, the Boston Waterfront, East Boston, the North End and Charlestown. Click here for more information.

When is the Parade of Sail?
Approximately 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Is there a Grandstand Section?
Yes, there is a Grandstand Section and Bleacher Seating open to ticket-holders. Tickets are now sold out.

Will there be food and beverage available for purchase at the Grandstands?
Yes, there will be food and beverage available for purchase.

Can I bring my own food and beverage into the Grandstands?
No, outside food and beverage are not permitted.

What is the best viewing area for the Parade of Sail?
Castle Island, Long Wharf, Charlestown Piers 4 & 6, Harborwalk, East Boston. View the Inner Harbor Map.

Will there be restriction for private boats in the Harbor on the Parade of Sail day?
Yes, view the Spectator Anchorages map and specifications for these restrictions.

Will there be food and beverage available for purchase at Castle Island?
Yes, there will be food and beverage available for purchase.

What is the best viewing location for those with mobility issues/wheelchairs?
Castle Island.

Will there be restrooms available at Castle Island?
Castle Island will have additional porta-johns.


Where can I view the Crew & Cadet Street Parade?
You can view the parade as a spectator along the parade route. The parade route will be added to the website soon!

Is the Crew & Cadet Soccer Tournament open to the public?
Yes, we encourage you to come support the teams from the sidelines!

What are the various options for Harbor Cruises?
Check out the Tours & Attractions page.

Where can I book overnight accommodations?
Check out the Host Hotels page.

Where should I go to eat?
Check out the Host Restaurants page.